Telephone Easter Service

April 22, 2020

Pearl Collins is a part of the Cornerstone Family who is isolated in Bixby Towers. They have closed the dining room and all activities and transportation.  So, she doesn't get out of her room.  She doesn't have internet connection, so her lifeline is her phone. There was no wayfor her to participate in the Easter service.  She was feeling down.  After her daughter, Jan, watched the Easter service, she saw a phone number posted for those who could call and listen to Easter service. Jan called Pearl and told her about it.  Afterwards Pearl called her daughter and was so excited.  She said being able to just listen to Easter service blessed her so much.  She said that she sang along with the hymns, listened to the sermon, and just cried.  She said it was the best Easter ever.  She has told me that she listens again midweek.  There is a segment of the population that is not online and the toll free number is a blessing to them.