Family Meals Together

March 27, 2020

“Casey’s work picked up speed a year ago which, while great professionally, has been very difficult on our family. I think he’s had dinner with us maybe only a dozen times since last May. He has been trying to slow the roller coaster and I have been praying for the same. For months it seems like someone has always been sick and our church attendance has not been what I had hoped. The absence of family and spiritual time has been weighing us down. This is not how we saw change coming but the Lord definitely works all things for good. Two weeks of not just dinners together but breakfast and lunch as well! This is us watching Jerry’s sermon last Sunday over dinner. Thank you to Jerry and the whole staff for making the online hub so easy and accessible. It is just as spiritually fulfilling as if we were in the building. Love you all to pieces!” – Casey and Kami Carpenter